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the world is lonesome enough, the world is crazy enough to me

Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

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Birthdate:Aug 9

“. . . We can so easily slip back from what we have struggled to attain, abruptly, into a life we never wanted; can find that we are trapped, as in a dream, and die there, without ever waking up.”

Hi, I'm a human being that has been alive for nearly 23 years. People like to call me artist, awesome, weird, nerd, friend, among other things. I consider myself a bit of a wallflower and am very wary of people, whether they call me awesome or stare at me and point.

I enjoy: listening to music, drawing, eating, drinking various alcoholic drinks, reading manga, observing the clouds go by, writing, thinking up original characters, cooking, studying, being curious, staying up late, laughing, trying to draw manga-style and failing, watching birds, reading poetry, looking at rivers, watching movies, watching football (can't play at all), and some other things.

By social position, I am a college student (1st year of Japanology) and a freelance artist/web designer. By heart, I'm a story-teller whose hands have been cut off and mouth shut. There are some things I want to express, and my biggest dream is to someday be able to.

I dislike: dishonesty, fangirls, loud chewing, inconsiderateness, mushrooms (for eating), realizing that I am a mere human, milk, having nightmares, shopping, betrayal, lack of respect.

My writings can be found at incinerators. This journal is (mostly) locked and I do not accept random adds. I will not add you back unless you introduce yourself, and maybe not even then.
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『枯れた声が途切れるまで 此処に居たい』

Interests (53):

asian cinema belittling hollywood, bakuman, basmati rice, beck, blade of the immortal, bojan krkić, constitutional monarchy, creating art from smudges, dada dada dada, deathgaze, dir en grey, drawing and painting, e.a. poe, exploring my own mind, fc barcelona, film noir, football, girugamesh, gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, grotesque awkward romances, harry potter still rocks, i wanna be film-directing, ink and wash, it's london baby!, iwai shunji, japanese, jayrawk, jean-paul sartre, kurosawa akira, manga, menthol cigarettes, miike takashi, mucc, obnoxious amounts of make-up, random inadvisable actions, really yummy food, seriously weird thai food, skins, slash likes you too, steampunk and cyberpunk reproducing, stream of my consciousness, the gazette, the street beats, throwing myself into snow, unbearable lightness of being, unconditional love for music, vodka+applejuice+limes, web design and programming, william blake, wine mixed with cockta, writing, ギルガメッシュ, ポワトリン
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